Micro PST replaced 2410

  • Micro PST

Theft of high value, small items has been increasing. EAS tagging of high loss items is a proven method of protection to fight theft, however, until now there wasnt an acceptable market solution for these items.

EP CLEAR Series - The latest addition 2410 Micro EP PST Tamper Tag is ideal for protecting small high-risk items such as cosmetics, consumer packaged goods, and other accessories from theft.

  • Proven to reduce shrink by 25%*
  • Proven to increase sales by 6% or more*
  • Utilizes "Micro Technology" to offer enhanced performance with a small size
  • Clear face provides visible protection and strong visual deterrence
  • Clear window promotes brand and aesthetic retention
  • Tamper resistant adhesive bonds securely with packaging
  • Effectively combats ORC by reducing resale value when removal is attempted, and identifying lost items when label adhered
  • Custom printing available; branding, store information, logos and more!


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